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lurkavelli – keep your circe tight lyrics


[verse 1]

on the f-cking hunt for the green backs, tryna see stacks, where the cheese at, tryna see dough
tryna see that, been grinding no feed back, where my ski mask, where the heat at yo!
been tempted, to hit the kitchen, water whipping, lord forgive them
45 n-ggas got pinched, sentenced 10 years in them prisons
cause a n-gga started snitching
that’s what happens when a n-gga getting money
that’s what happens when your n-ggas getting hungry
they ain’t eating, so they creeping
through your doors with the heat and tryna catch you sleeping
and if they dont catch you then
best believe they’re gone get them phones
forwarding them addresses, cops gone be at your homes


better keep your circle tight
feed your workers right
you never know, what people know
they’re acting like, they’re your friends
when they ain’t your friends
when they up in you homes


n-ggas getting cash quick
they think they got to have it
might get your -ss kick
alright, better keep your circle tight

[verse 2]

wouldn’t put it p-ss them
they putting out ratchets, put you in a casket
better think twice on who you getting cash with
cause n-ggas is wyling for the bread
plotting on your head or plottig with the feds
if they ain’t touching that dough
it’s out of control, n-ggas stabbing n-ggas over hoes
inviting these new friends
when you getting these new ends
your circle get loosen
better stick with your day one n-ggas
cause n-ggas with ride out for ya
grind out with ya
adding new n-ggas to the picture
to have them switch up
for what?
for what?
for what, what what what?