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m.a.l.c. – new level (remix) lyrics



[verse 1: m.a.l.c.]
i am on a whole ‘notha level

if you think you great
here’s a bronze medal

n-ggas lying saying
that they whipping foreign’s

but whole time
they still pushing pedals

i ain’t got time for no averages
claiming that they some savages

i’d walk up to the most
baddest chick and have her
take the stick and do a magic trick

don’t know how to party
but i’ll get it lit

turn up and chill
we ain’t trynna trip

i pick up this pen
and i pick up this paper

i write me a verse
then record it and save it

$kylight hit my phone
said she out chasing cake

i just sent her
a text saying we gonna make it

i got the know how
to stop people from hating

or maybe to make it
worser i’m just saying

portrayed as a failure
they didn’t believe in me

people switched now
they realize they needed me

f-ck it, they never loved m.a.l.c

mayn i’m going all out
on somebody else beat

i’m talented
starting to see
nothing’s challenging

figure sh-t out
and no doubt i’ll excel in it

f-ck my old teachers
don’t care bout what checks they get

i am goin’ be making more than they settlement b-tch!