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m o d – mr. oofus lyrics


walking down the street, with a sweater on. lime green
pants. hush puppies he’s walking on. nothing escapes him.
everything in sight. if there’s something wrong, he’s
gonna make it right. eyes of a hawk. he could eat a
whale. if you’re scr-w-ng up his beach, he’ll send you to
jail. if you litter. a fate worse than death. he’ll
scream on your face with his atomic breath. inspector
oofus. hey that’s me. keep my beach clean, tidey up.
inspector oofus on patrol. lower that radio to a
respectable volume. be courteous to others. doesn’t need
a badge. he’s always on patrol. never been fooled, cause
he always knows. where’s there kids, trouble seems to be.
how many of you girls still have your virginity?
…….oofus gets possessed.