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m1h1 – studded belts lyrics


studded belts (annotate)

m1h1 :
aye gotta a bad b+tch
and she ride in the vet
gotta pistol on me
n+gga protect
p+ssy boy talking
i shoot at his neck
n+gga talking
i might run up a check
run up i run up
i run up i’m gone
i be making all these bands
off the songs
currency is how i’m currently
living life right now
getting my drip
ride around city’s in i8
patek on my wrist
man the time straight
b+tch saying she need me
b+tch i’m late
a mansion the crib
b+tch got nine gates
i’m drunk at my crib
b+tch i’m wasted
quarantine gotten me
number one in the o n+gga
so that means i’m a list

i get silly wit i get jiggy wit it
yeah she suck up on the d+ck
like she w+lly w+lly
she be k!lling k!lling
don’t catch no feelings feelings
that p+ssy drilling drilling
all the way down

dede valentino:
yo b+tch wanna love me
but i cannot f+ck wit her
yo b+tch is a groupie
she drinking an hitting ah
all of her slurs
bad b+tch
throwing down
going down
bad b+tch
f+ckin around
f+ckin around
spanish b+tch
i love the way
she like to freak it
bend her over
touch her toes
she get the beating
they like valentino
you single ?
do you wanna get down ?
little diva we see ya
come catch the first round
m1h1 verse 2:
yeah she bad
yeah she fine
give that b+tch some wine
bae relax and rewind
sit back and recline
in my sp+ce coup
let me take you
i got grey goose
wit a little bit of moon rock
film a f+cking movie
like i’m shooting on a tiktok
shooting on a tiktok
checking out my wrist watch
studded on my belt
but i carry f+cking big glocks
turn yo b+tch on like a light
smoking on skittles goodnight
sneak that bih up to the vue
she bought a couple friends in twos
i bought a bottle 40 booze
studded belt on me n+gga jimmy choo

the end