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mac dre – the adventures of al boo boo lyrics


not long ago in a place real far
i knocked this hutch at a grill slash bar
f-cking up some prawns n chips
cause mac dre don’t eat omelets
suckin my teeth like i’m the sh-t
on gin but i think it’s time to switch
bar tender give me stoli with roses lime
i don’t want no ice tea island long
gimmie stogies with roses n ryme
man i get that all the time
throwback steve larkin #80
i looked up n i saw this lady
on my momma
i ain’t fat mouthin
the b-tch looked like she could suck a thousand
but her -ss wasn’t really all that giant
she must have been workin her fonda diet
man you know she looked alike that filipino girl jay used to like
bottom line she was fine you don’t see this kind all the time
man u know my name first is mac walked up to her put down my act
i said excuse me lady is somethin wrong
you’ve been starin at pimpin way too long
y do you keep on eyein a n-gg-
cuddie the b-tch started cryin a river
i said what’s wrong like a cared
she said she caught her pimp f-ckin a square
i said d-mn you must be devistated
she said i’ve been with him since i graduated
but wait a minute u look framiliar
i said c’mon now look cicilia
that’s the oldest line in the book
that’s bunk like dope i used to cook
she said uhh don’t u rap
i said yes it is i andre the mac
she said well uh if that’s the case then wave 5 thow wow in my face
she said shes been my fan since she was 12
and if she was gonna choose it might as well be me
the m to tha d is that five thow wow choosein fee

now this story has 4 possible endings
is mac dre a going to a reach back like a pimp and slap the hoe and tell her b-tch beat it
i ain’t no rest haven for runaway b-tchas
b start speaking swaheeli cause he thinks the b-tch is the fuzz tryin ta pinch pimpin
c or does he p.i.m.p n tell the b-tch put it in my pocket you beezie

i said look if you want dreezy
you gonna have to put it in my pocket u beezie
the b-tch reached in her flindy bag and almost made pimpin grow a sh-g
i said god d-mn b-tch the b-tch had 40 grand kids
10 thousand in stacks a ten i said they gonna put u up under the pen
i said we can’t do this in no bar
let’s talk about things in my car
who is this b-tch can i trust her
took her outside to my plimyth duster
she said there’s one more thing that you should know
there’s one more hoe and where i go she go
i said where i come from 3 is fun and plus 1 is too close to none

twinkle twinkle
cow moo moo
i sh-t on n-gg-z
al boo boo [x3]

that might be a take