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mac lethal – blazing hot fast rap lyrics


[mac lethal]
even though i like to get dough certainly
spit them fast raps and flip flows urgently
everybody thinks that i’m gonna go pop
like the bitcoin bubble, that crypto-currency
i hate taxes. i like getting bucks
i don’t like fake -sses, don’t like lil rumps
i don’t like face tats, you look like lil’ punks
i don’t like fake rap, i don’t like lil pump!
i heard a new song today and the words were just
“gucci gang, gucci gang” over and over
just “gucci gang”
that’s it? that’s all you gotta do for fame?
whatever happened to pushing music to a new terrain?
this motherf-cker sounds like gucci mane removed his brain
went up in the bathroom to toot some ‘cain
then started rappin’ ’bout jewels and chains
let me rap a little faster, i’m too insane
chop the microphone up into bits because my tongue is like a mothaf-ckin’ razor blade
i open up your throat with it, i swear to god i’m ’bout to go decapitate a rapper with the flow
for you fake thugs there ain’t no love in here
you going to f-cking war with lucifer pal
i’ll put the gun up to your head executioner style
f-ck jake paul, man, he got the douchiest smile
and f-ck these new rappers with the rainbow colored hair
god d-mn it i sound like a hater
i don’t care b-tch, you wack i said
you rap pathetic
mac is on your girl’s face, call me mac cosmetics
i’m idubbbz to you ricegums
make you cry on twitter like logan paul
i don’t give a motherf-ck, i’mma choke ’em all
i smack ’em with the microphone, give ’em broken jaws
it’s me: the bernie, the madoff
the beats i certainly break off
a beast, i’ll murder you
take off the gloves and beat you worse than khabib nurmagomedov
i’ll hurt you
i know jiujitsu and a lil’ karate, i’mma k!ll somebody
if they run up on me talkin’ ’bout lil uzi vert and f-ckin’ lil yachty
is the music that they play when they take pills and party
d-mn it, i’m itchin’ for slammin’ and rippin’
i’m sick of these idiots kicking the glorification of xanax addiction
you dummies just stop it, there’s children jamming and listening
quit acting like you a gangster from jail
you ain’t really real
taking your hands and making ’em flail
on worldstar fighting like somebody scared they’ll be breaking a nail
i don’t give a f-ck about the rappers or producers or the labels
or the cash under the table or the managers or agents
or the confidential payments or the record deals with satan
i don’t give a f-ck about you b-tch, i’m hatin’
subscribe to me up on youtube
motherf-cker, i’m the savior of hip-hop
now go to starbucks right now
and get me an americano with 6 shots. blaow!