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macabre – bella the butcher lyrics


bella gunness was a lady fair in indiana state
she weighed about three hundred punds and that is quite some weight
that she was stronger than a man her neighbors all did own
she butchered hogs right easily and did it all alone
but hogs were just a sideline she indulged in now and then
her favorite occupation was the butchering of men
to keep her cleaver busy bella would run an ad
and men would come scurrying with all the cash they had
now some say belle killed only ten and some say forty two
it was hard to tell exactly but there were quite a few
where belle is now no one knows but my advice is fair
if a widow advertises for a man with cash beware

a norwegian immigrant belle gunness lived in greed
she moved to america to start some families
her husband and two babies were insured heavily
all three died in convulsion and agony
they died in agony from strychine poisoning
and no on was suspicious of bella’s activities

bella the butcher chopped up her men and buried them down by the hog pen
she took out insurance policies then she murderer her families

with a foster daughter and her two girls the farm they settled in
then bella the butcher spun the web once again
she found a man, farmer gunness and married him
but he had no idea he’s bella’s next victim
he didnät last as long as her first husband
he impregnated her but their union soon would end


a heavy sausage grinder on a shelf fell on him
and hit him right between the eyes
that’s what bella sad happened
she took out some ads for hired hands and men to wed
and she had many responses to her ads the men had read
men thinking being with bella good thish were just ahead
but none of them knew their life was hanging by a thread


the farm burned down they found dead kids and a woman with no head
they searched the grounds and then they found the dismembered buried dead
the kids were bella’s but they never found woman’s head
it was -ssumed that it was bella’s, but others say she fled