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macklemore – kings lyrics



in the darkest of days
men become kings and still die of old age
while the children become gods
at last the whole world begins to play

[verse 1: pearl dragon]
my body is adorned with th-rns
king with a crown of th-rns
i wash my feet and kiss the ground i’m on
i wash my feet kiss the ground i’m on, i’m on
jump n-gg-s cause they thought i was a p-wn
but knowin’ i’m a king i’m about to get on
this the sirens for the quiet of the storm
ring that alarm, r-r-ring that alarm
yo her body was adorn adorned,
and i adored her, so much that i had to ignore her
her body i explored it, like an explor-her
her first name was dora, her first name was dora
i opened up the door and saw
my queen getting raw, getting raw
so like me beatin resevoir dog
had to hit it raw, no not raw dog
i was a, hog, but i don’t eat the pork
she was a swine, crippling’ my time
on the cast of my pearl, yo she wasn’t my girl
this wasn’t reality, this wasn’t my world
like jimi or kurt before
king with a crown i shall be adored
even if i have, always been ignored
i was not the norm i will not be ignored


[verse 2: thomas gray]
young world this the story of the kings
a n-gg- couldn’t decide should i rap or should i sing
and since god blessed me with my wings
i’m like a lil’ nappy-head bill russell with the rings, feel me?
lately globetrottin’ through a lotta traps
friends become rats, i’m talkin judas in expensive slacks
f-ck em, to tell the truth now i’m over that
sucker ‘i’ll be suckers, it don’t matter that you roll with pack
i steady grab my nuts and you can roll with that
pardon my back, and the weight on my shoulders black
history’s on my side, these n-gg-s hard in they cars
but in the streets they can’t look me in the eye
(look me in the eye, look me in the eye)
(champagne champagne)

[verse 3: macklemore]
(can i get em?)
stand like a man, move like a legend
talk but with action, that’s how you’ll be remembered
the greats learned that humility is a weapon
sever ties with the part of you too big to learn a lesson
sit in silence, to fight the mind and try to find the present
cause we only get a couple chances to be epic
and i’m connected, like god plugged my headphones
directly into heaven and told me to go and get em with this
mic cord, i am, nothing you can tell me
they bark when they talk but they walk like the legless
the purpose of my art, is for people to respect me
i’m not a king i’m a servant to the desires that tempt me
only way to escape the cage in a valley of roots
be a mirror to the people when they’re searchin for truth
only way to escape the cage in a valley of roots
claim the mirror, my people, keep searchin for you