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madd maxxx – classtime horror lyrics


remorse for what?
you people have done everything in the world to me.
doesn’t that give me equal right?
i can do anything i want to you people
anytime i want to.
because that’s what youve done to me.

cl-ss time horror
school room slaughter
suburban rampage
all must pay.

almost every day i gotta deal with you in the hallway
worrying about what you might say
can i just walk by and maybe say hi
without you telling me that i need to die
what have i done to you?
how come i can’t be cool?
why i gotta be afraid to walk through the school?
i hate you
but i can’t do a thing
cause the principle loves you and hates me
n-body talks or do you wanna be friends
and if someone does then it’s all pretend
no one cares and it f-cking hurts
how did i earn this f-cking curse?
constantly thrown in the f-cking dirt.
some day i swear ima f-cking burst.
pale white skin in a manson shirt
just cause of that ima f-ckin nerd.
can’t take this anymore
getting spit on, tripped, and kicked on the floor
by a preppy jock or a richie wh-r-
what the f-ck do you hate me for?
how much longer will this go on?
when will i learn what i did wrong?
keep on pushin my b-ttons and i swear to god
one day you’re gonna trigger a bomb

chorus x1

on the bus ride home
i’m sittin alone
curled up in a ball
until i get home
go into the house it’s dark again
no friends to call and the room just spins.
things go through my mind i mean the horrible kind.
c-ck back and i lock my mind.
look for answers and what i find
this darkness man i feel so blind.
what have i done to make the world hate me?
give me a break this is the way god made me.
why do you act like such -ssholes over trivial sh-t
like music and clothes?
i’ve known yall almost all my life
what made you guys not wanna be nice?
we were friends back then what the f-ck is changing?
nothing but static inside my brain
most nights i’m sittin in my room with a knife
pressed against the skin i begin to slice.
but one night i was lookin through my dads sh-t for a
roach clip
what i found was a loaded 5th.
two clips next to it time to do it.
put it up to my head i wanna be through it.
but i said f-ck that and i held the chrome
and said i am not gonna die alone.

chorus x1

today is the day the time has come
with the gun in my hand i’m completely numb
before anybody knew i had entered the room
i aimed for the dean and shot with a boom
used to tell me that i was a bad kid
i guess that i am look at what i did.
dieing slowly bloods on the ground
people are screaming i laugh at the sound
turn around and i see the prom queen carrie
popular and real pretty
she was at the head of like every committee
but i guess that meant she could treat me sh-tty.
not today b-tch you left me faithless
now it’s my turn ima leave you faceless.
begging for her life but i shot too soon
bet her head pop like a balloon
(die b-tch! )
then i looked up and i’m seein andrew
head of the popular -sshole crew.
put one in his head and i just kept blasting.
(my name is max and it isn’t f-ggot! )
oh my god that felt so good.
who am i kiddin i knew that it would.
can’t waste time there’s a lot to be done.
retribution with a barrel of a gun.
so i start runnin to the lockers in a dean wing
ready to do some horrible things
teachers -ssumes gets lost in the m-ss
of the killing in front of security cameras.
sick laughter is clearly heard
following gun shots and retchful words
kept running for a b-tch till i heard some crying
kicked down the door to see what’s behind it
found exactly what i needed to see
the terrible three marissa, jennie, maggie
when she started crying saying sorry and stuff
gun whipped them b-tches and screamed
(shut the f-ck up! )
you know why i’m doin this why you surprised?
it really don’t matter though time to die
put a shot in marrissa and her throat exploded
bled for a bit then her body folded.
maggie was lucky she died in an instant
two head shots in a point five distance
not jennie, no she died real slow
pulled a knife from my coat and i opened her throat
i laughed cause i watched her bleed and drop
then all the sudden surrounded by cops
i turned around and put the gun to my brain
this is the day you remember my name.