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madness – not home today lyrics


she says he’s gone away on a short holiday
he won’t be back for awhile
the twleve from the bench stood up
and hesitated he’ll be leaving
right after this trial

circ-mstance, evidence who can cheat providence
he wished he could go back again
a flick of the wrist
he wished that he missed
not guilty is all he can say

p-ss ’round the gossip now
let’s wait and see
p-ss ’round the tray now
let’s have some tea
my boys haven’t seen him
he’s been working away
don’t bother asking
he’s not home today
not home today

t-shirts and badges
with free tickles and smudges
in the end you’ll believe what you feel
when ten hands are aiming
and no-one is complaining
in a sense it could be more real

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