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malvins mario – stilll hot lyrics


[verse) 1
big money, head shots
big time, rollie watch
fifty n-ggas, fifty spots
hundred g’s, hundred blocks
i’m an old head but i’m still hot
stunt a n-gga, and i never stop
getting money, throwing ones
extra clips, extra drums
i’m filthy n-gga, with an ak
round my waist, she will stay
imagine n-ggas, bags n-ggas
imagine n-ggas, with swag n-ggas
imagine n-gga, we smash n-ggas
big money n-gga, out on the dash n-gga
everytime we groove n-gga
everytime we groove n-gga
pull up, p-ssy, n-gga we move n-gga
yacht folks, n-gga
cash money nah hihihih
i got money nah hihihi
i still hot my life ispend time ya knew happy
make cash nilizan kila day na hustle

( chorus)
_(shesha shesha shesha)
am still hot shesha shesha still hot still hot(shesha shesha)
am still hot still hot
everytime am still hot am still hot everytime

verse malvins mario)

big money head shots
big time rollie watch
fifty n-gga fifty spots
n-gga never we k!ll big money rollie head big time rollie watch ffty n-gga fifty sports
hundred block hundre g’s still n-gga u knew hot
head n-gga nah lol
told my lemons gon’slide n-gga grab a too and go ride n-gga
put them n-gga inside n-gga
make the n-gga go hide n-gga
100g’s and we hide n-gga
100mil and we fly n-gga
we living life and we live n-gga
make money no slow put 40 inna hand hustle n-gga really life really n-gga we fly n-gga
wat folks nah aah make work nah aha tell me you work n-gga put work
may one block cash ineed money on hot yeah cash money we spend aaah still hot my n-gga hot hihihihih

dead here here