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man-myth-method – stay low (guess) lyrics


[verse 1]
i stay ten toes to the ground
triple x i don’t vex
all i want to do is flex
man i shine i ain’t do time
all i want to do is rhyme
all these pills what’s the deal
percs and xanies need to chill
i see strippers in your future
rubber band round some bills
i keep twenties, i keep tens
watch them fold when i walk
super saiyan what you sayin
i just came up with that talk
rari fast lambo’s faster
all this water like a waterfall
all this ice on me
all these checks i see
all these diamonds on my neck
got em to the third degree
i’m a g can’t you see
double c’s all up on me
keep you guessing
i ain’t stressing
diamonds talk
say bling bling
like h+llo, how are you
i just made some racks
tell em bring it back
you in trouble, i see double
cartier gon’ do that to you
mcm, i see m’s
that girl taste like m and m’s
double c’s, double f’s
double g’s on my belt
i stay crispy man don’t diss me
money tall, like 6 feet
i know phone
green and blue
i see seen then i text you
i see seen then i text you

[verse 2]
i got me some prada
i got me some vans
we out here in london
came straight from j+pan
i got on some nigo
no i don’t mean migos
i mean that sh+t ape
the product of bape

[verse 3]
i got bare forties copping + copping bare shordies
i’m with tommy on the hilly with ya rocking hilfiger
put some henney in the sea
call it hennesy can’t you see
i be on the ground
i’ve been making moves

[verse 4]
jumping on the wave
jumping out the wraith
copping no more fade
popping on these stages
wake up every morning
man without no warning
like i’m a savage
thought y’all was ready
but i forgot, that you are not

[verse 4]
diamonds on my neck
vv on my wrist
ap on my wrist
rollie on my wrist
dollar sign s give me checks
let me flex
put a jumpan on my shoe
give me boost what it do

[verse 5]
i be flying high
tell maria that i’m drunk
testing, testing 1,2,2
said it’s rocky in the hills
i be chilling with the sk!lls
i just copped me some new horses
i feel nauseus
double x’s
call me lil’, little method

little old me feeling like an og
fuego on this track
yeah that’s how it’s gonna be
big young me and i’m feeling so free
all this ice up on my wrist
yeah that’s how it’s gonna be