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mandroid echostar – violet skies lyrics


hear the waves, there’s an axe to fall
as the serpents crawl through the leaves
with a rusted sword, you’ve never worn
you didn’t seem to know my face faded in the grey, of all these villains
i know your name, i know you’re fading away

hold me down, there’s a slow and secret curse inside of me,
no time, no time ever takes this cloud of reverie
i want to breath, but the falling rain wont let me see
i don’t know if i’ll ever find the key
to leave this place of endless oaths to see this decade overthrown

all the spells we’re living under just to keep them on our minds
and the whispered incantations that hide the hollow sights
of what we’ve done while we look the other way
but i know that you are with me, together we will find another way

there’s something deadly in the heart of those sacred tombs
they talk salvation like we’re walking on a tight rope
from all the zealous ones illuminating me
who’ve never spent a waking moment lost in love
like a season of dreams and awe of the beauty that the world can be

in the silence of survival, one word and you can set the spark
it is glowing in the embers, and off the cuff, black smoke remark
it was said in p-ssing and the meaning was mirage
but they took them for blasphemy and they cast you down to die

no consequence divine, nor a fleeting final moment to breath for the last
no, no more summoner; you are just a man in crimson veil
we bled in the days spent, we took you for your word as we were told
it turns out you were what was cursed all along
within these hallow bones