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manigotband$ – jungle lyrics


yeah yeah

you say you a shooter you ain’t gone shoot. you say you want beef i’m a call my piru’s, i look like the man when i hop out the coop, i f-ck up the beat i go ape in the booth\ i walk in the jungle these ain’t bl–dy shoes \i’m on the soufside it’s more like the zoo\

i’m in the booth going dumb, i’m with krush he got a chop with a drum\ i be working like a bum\ gotta get it n-ggas know how we come\ zone 3 where them n-ggas got guns\ where i’m from n-ggas shootin for fun\ no kris kross but that k make me jump/they gone pull wit da stick\ i be lookin like a l!ck\blue hunnits like a crip\ and my diamonds yeah they hit\gotta get up on my sh-t\ and we gettin to da dough\ free smoke free smoke \ call joc wipe ya nose \ i be gettin to to digits i’m wit it \ \ call devin he pull up wit da b-tches\ b-tch im pimpin and i’m straight out da trenches\ i was in da trenches\ n-ggas in the kitchen i ain’t talkin dishes\ 40’s and extensions\ ion fw n-ggas\ they be really snitching \ n-ggas talking crazy that ain’t how u living\ jumped off da porch i was on mission\ put u on a plate like it’s thanksgiving\ u don’t want static\ we gone let you have it\ straight out da jungle this sh-t get jur-ssic\ baby said she fell in love wit a savage\ they hating on me they don’t see me win\ gotta get it gotta stack up these chips\ remember days when we was jumpin the fence \ the hunnits on me i might walk wit a limp\ all i wanted was a bag\ i’m just tryna do da dash\i remember way back\ we was sleepin wit da rats\ and my uncle had da pack\ he was really in da trap\ i ain’t never going back\ u was never in da trap\ u be snitching u a rat \ i’m tryna run me up a sack\ if it ain’t bout da money don’t call me\ i came up now she on me \ she love when i call ha shorty\ i’m on da block if u tryna run up on me \ u try to to run up and i’m poppin ya head \don’t play wit da money u might end up dead\ i do not beef i get straight to da bread\ i was in da hood watching out for da feds\ they say they wit it but i swear they ain’t wit it \ sneak dissin have u swim wit da fishes\ momma workin so i g