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mann – intro lyrics


(feat. blessed the poet)

[verse: blessed]
sometimes i’m just lost
following stars to a home i’ve never been to and might not even like
doing sh-t i wasn’t into and telling stories through a mic
breaking hearts along the way on a journey just to find mind
enemies act like friends but jealousy is just like fine wine
the longer it exists; the stronger it gets and i’m just waiting on my time
but the waiting room is lonely
when it only seems like their time. so when it’s me, myself, and clowns just competing for some air-time
so in the meantime i just lace these jeremy scotts on my feet
cause it’s me against the world, it’s getting harder to compete
i mean the god in me wants to be a hero for the children
but playing that they’re a villain is so often more appealing
so i russian roulette these dreams. i might survive and it might kill me
after a drive by shooting stars so gangsters and dreamers feel me
but the real me’s shooting truth in my system like it’s crack
getting high on self-esteem these insecurities attack
see it hurts, but it’s a lesson when your boys become your yes-men
when girls wanna use you but it feels good just to let them
when the modus of your family got you questioning your best friend
yes, these game you play when you’re on varsity are tough, when you’re a freshman

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