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marco mckinnis – holdin’ me down lyrics


holdin’ me down

i appreciate the things that you would do for me
and i appreciate the weight
that you would
move for me, lose for me, groove with me

they way you dancing in the midst, of it all, you never had to teach me how to fall– in love
(cause it could happen on accident)
i’mma keep it real, my love was abstinent
after this
we can go missing in the moonlight
a new life, i can teach you how to
make your moves right

thinking bout all my actions after i made em
you know my every move so baby and say sumn
i can never thank you
for holding me down
and molding me out, enough

i tell you that i’m loving you
and i hope that you believe it
all them times i tell you
meet me at the corner

(look, what chu do?)

you would meet me there
you would meet me there
you would meet me there yeh

even if you ain’t want to
you still did

now we’re kicking it
now we’re kicking it
with our clothes on the floor

and you asked me
“what i do next (next, next)”

i just look into your eyes and tell you baby

thank you for holding me down
i can’t thank you enough
for your touch

what do i have to do to pay you back?