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marcu5thebaw5 – depot agent lyrics


marcus the boss
marcufive the bawfive

and y’all thought i was joking? nah
thought i was joking


[verse 1]
i got the goat’s tendencies in case you try and disrespect
you’re talking quite a bit for someone awfully pr-ne to getting rekt
but notice how i haven’t deafened my mic
the cat’s play rough don’t miss you and neither do i. (echh!)
gum? isn’t that the thing people be chewing on?
in fact, i know‚ i was in the time i spent to do this song! (huhhh!)
you’re boring kid! do i need more than this?
i’m sitting in my closet on a swivel chair recording this!
you no-show‚ i ohko‚ like devastating drake
i got more heart and more soul, the boss has come to play
i got virtually nothing to lose, i’m dropping bombs
let me reiterate: look at how my mic isn’t off. (eeechhh!)
only thing you’re sticking to is this l!
there’s no setup‚ really thought that you was smashing them sh-lls?
it’s game over, it’s game over, and you did horribly
overlooked and got dropped off by the railroad authority