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marina the diamonds – blindfold me lyrics


i had a feeling when i met you
didn’t think liars eye came in blue
i smell a little bit of danger
and got my heart handcuffed to a stranger
i am a fool to not cut the ties
that bind the eyes that loved you

blindfold me

my mother says, run as fast as you can
narrow roads lead to narrow minded men
my skin is sizzling, it might have been you
but you were busy walking in your daddy’s shoes
love is cruel
when you realise what you give got life
to someone that has given up on you

blindfold me

i’m thinking and say i think a lot of you
regardless of what you did
and what i didn’t do
jealousy made you want to own me
and that was what left us both a little lonely

i’m smart, i’m dumb,
i’m rich, i am poor
i am fat, i am thin
this type of love don’t wanna win

n-body’s gonna blindfold me

blindfold me
blindfold me