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marina the diamonds – seventeen lyrics


used to be a major scale,
but the melody went stale,
musical cacophony let,
insy winsy spider free.

you’re a rich little boy,
who’s had to work for his toys,
you’ve got all the sensibilities, oh,
of an upper cl-ss guy.

no, no i’m not your little slave,
no i don’t twist and turn that way,
only got bad things to say,
you’re always asking what is up, up with me,

could never tell you what happened,
the day i turned seventeen,
the rise of a king and the fall of a queen,
oh seventeen,

oh, you were embarr-ssed of me,
’cause i used my tongue freely,
bet you wish i couldn’t speak,
’cause when i do, you know,
i tell you why you appear weak.

you want a h-ssle free life?
go get your upper cl-ss wife,
she’s got all the personality, oh
of a lemon that has been.
truly sucked dry.

you teach me how to behave,
i felt you question the way,
i was brought up as a baby,
well you don’t know f-ck about my family.

could never tell you what happened
the day i turned seventeen
the rise of a king and the fall of a queen
oh seventeen (seventeen),
oh seventeen,
oh seventeen,
the rise of the king and the fall of a queen,
oh seventeen.

never felt like a princess,
i used to kill myself in this dress,
that it was just how things,
were meant to be,
oh seventeen,