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mario william vitale – summer time’s coming lyrics


summer time’s coming

like stevie b singing spring love we tend to push things under the rug
we get in on the action with some fancy way of dancing & romancing
virtual houdini always shining got words that thrill flipping the bill
love is in tuned with the intuned harmony certain words of destiny
live each day as it was your last or good times will p-ss you see

like an old lady out late night bingo take you places you need to go
it’s so refreshing to keep them second guessing start confessing & trusting
keep ya head up even if you want to throw up keep your cool golden rule
summer time makes me think of hot dogs out on the grill taking a chill pill
bask in the vast expanse of the waves taking in the surf and turf playing nerf

it’s a long shot playing pool at the hall with my tall drink can’t even think
like to hide away my time display with watching the girlies with stringed bikinis
taking it easy putting on your favorite c.d. in your custom made stereo
taking you away to places you should go bust up the beat to promote its tempo
got plans for the beach in my souped up benz with lots of my friends