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marked visions – no expectations lyrics


the less you expect, the less of a mess/
you’ll be dealt when understanding how you control your progress/

[verse 1]:
independence is needed when learning that there’s a reason/
why friends come in to visit in your world for a season/
everyone has a different way of supporting and being/
sources of aiding your freedom, before getting mistreated/
rules and boundaries are set with intentions to dominate/
a congregation of souls that came to accommodate/
everyone brought their ways of thinking into your place/
depending on you to lead and decide to educate/
on what you’ll accept and despise and terminate/
voices from vessels who disagree with how you operate/
a realization is made, you pay attention to ways/
each person whom you create a relationship with can aid/
objectives you set in place when alone to elevate/
into fulfillment exhibiting how goals satiate/
you don’t expect to be safe under the mercy and guidance/
of humans who can oppress you if left open to riot/
a constant inner fight within yourself when deciding/
what’s wrong and what’s right for you before forces get divided/
for unity you keep some hope alive but compliant/
under rule as abuse of mistrust isn’t ignited/


[verse 2]:
disappointment’s expected, you surpass and accept it/
when striving to improve, maneuvering through life lessons/
yesterday’s decisions made gave you the regrets/
that left you humbled to realize how its for the best/
you refine after failure for the best when you invest/
effort produced in actions from objectives that get pressed/
on you mentally, teachers who lend energy and breath/
lead you to responsibilities that helps to get blessed/
respect and connections bestowed to you aid the ability/
to handle tribulations and correct your disabilities/
no more competing with sense of feeling like you’re cheated/
out of conveniences granted to others in a season/
of seeing them with things you perceive are luxuries/
that you want and need, jealousy urges to chase perversity/
ending with the strength of getting discipline and order/
hammered into submission then you earn your supporters/
when behavior that brings more progression gets exhorted/
a creator that stands a test to change will be forming/
bonds that elevate a livelihood to feel joyous/
in timely approach, when showing that you can beat impulse/
beat the goal to keep your repose when adversity shows/