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marqus anthony, choirboy bell & dkg kie – reggie miller lyrics


intro (marqus anthony):
you know when i see a demon, i can’t miss when i shoot
it’s your boy marqus anthony. let’s get it

first verse (marqus anthony):
gotta thank my god ’cause he the one that made a way for me
praise like it’s my job clocking in to work faithfully
you giving up now dog i’m asking where the patience be?
go and get a doc i got ’em sicker than the patients be
all white ones just make sure you keep the laces clean
got me feeling holy like i coulda been a nazarene
mercy and his goodness follow ’round steady chasing me
now thеy on my line, back then they wasn’t paging mе
brought me back from h+ll, man it coulda been the lake for me
i’d praise him with a thousand tongues if i could for saving me
the devil out here lying and he fronting and he faking b
god is only loyal ain’t no khaled that’s a major key
riding in my own lane don’t try to keep the pace with me
my shot is reggie miller if you ever try to pacer me
sometimes i can’t believe the way he shower so much grace on me
that’s why i give my life to him and try to live it gratefully
second verse (choirboy bell):
reggie miller when i pace it, shoot from the three
it’s power in praise, thank g+o+d
spirit got me sky high it’s plain to see
it’s choirboy bell, i’m a keep it g from a to z
this my alphabet flow
god solved all my problems this my calculus flow
yeah it’s all about god and i’m passionate fa sho
big pole for these demons this my javelin throw
i’m on that luke 6:31 like i’m reggie miller
if you got big problems, my god a heavy healer
he heal the sick now let god be your penicillin
we with dkg kie so you know i’m a demon k!ller
got the bible bl!cky on me and i’m ready to squeeze
with the father, son and holy ghost that’s the big three
church communion got me juiced up just like hi+c
reggie miller when i shoot, show out in front of spike lee

third verse (dkg kie):
yeah i gave my life to god i put my old life down
i was married to my sin i put my old wife down
blessings coming down they on the floor right now
i feel like lance when i see a demon, blow right now
i feel like reggie miller, tall, light skin with a clip
if you seen the same demons that i saw you would’ve dipped
bible bl!cky always staying with me got it on my hip
i don’t drink lean, try the holy water, take a sip
i was headed down the wrong path had to switch lanes
i was about to do the wrong math god already paid
ever since he changed my life i ain’t never been the same
had to disappear up out my sin, feel like david blaine
yeah, i think it’s funny how they changed on me
i think it’s funny how we was all playing, they switched the game on me
i think it’s funny how they banged on me
i think it’s funny how god took me back, i ain’t the same, homie