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marrio esco – love you lyrics


[1st verse]
i know they watching me, every move that i make
disapproving my mistakes but maneuver like a snake
remove the face you’ll only find a fake
but who am i to judge, i’m moving just the same
marrio esco don’t be fooled by the name
no money or fame, looking for someone to blame
insane i know, you thought i was a perfect saint
i hate to burst your bubble but perfect i ain’t
bout to lose a few fans for the sake of truth
but for the sake of truth, i can’t forsake the booth
see the chh needs a dude like me
who ain’t afraid to get it in and speak the truth like me
and if you just like me, then you just might
another sinner putting trust in the g. o. d
if we don’t believe the son then, we aren’t free
not cause of anything i’ve done no, he choose me

and i love you, for everything you’ve done through your son
the glorious one, forever i love you
and it wasn’t cause of anything i’ve done, it’s because of your son
forever i love you
you know, i know, why
the reason i love you
you came through and opened up my eyes
forever i love you

[2nd verse]
now that i got that off my chest
take the cape off and throw it on the ground with the “s”
on the ground with the rest, everything that i earned
only good to be thrown up in the fire to burn
see what i’ve learned by his grace in this race of saints
many truly seeking his face a lot of them ain’t
quick to judge, claiming that their motive is love
put him in the corner til he falls complaining above
and the saddest part the brother’s truly stained with his blood
but they didn’t come for the hugs they came with the gloves
putting dirt on his name want him to stay in the mud
not even praying for them rather have them stay in the flood
now understand this noah should’ve been in that water
if it wasn’t for his grace for his sins he’d be slaughtered
but he’s a father who loves, a father who cares
a father who judges but also father who spares


and when i’m saying forever i mean forever
together never severed no matter what kind of weather
whether or not you believe
in the doctrine of eternal security
man i’m telling you his purity is enough
my impurity is snuffed by an obedient son
shackles and chains are broken from the deviant one
leaving not even one who believe in the son
deceiving non of the ones who believe what he’s done, believe me it’s done