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marty raybon – he’s still doing miracles today lyrics


quite a few years ago he took a few fish and a couple loves of bread and
fed a few thousand folks so they say
he turned some water into wine,
gave sight to blinded eyes
died and found a way to rise on the third day
they wrote a book about the miracles he performed while he was with them
some say he don’t do em anymore, well i beg to differ.

he’s turning crack heads to preachers
hookers to choir singers, h-ll raisers to believers, right our eyes.
he’s turning whiskey into diapers, cocaine to washers and dryers
we can’t touch his hand and we can’t see his face
oh but he’s still doing miracles today.

i’ve seen hardcore men turn tender and party all week-enders
fall to their knees and surrender and forsake it all
and how about those flowers in the spring, another baby born with a healthy
heartbeat, and reaching down and finding me one wondering lost
he’s never stopped pulling off amazing works on his kids
why just ask my friend jeremy what the good lord did for him.
he turned his cancer into history, doctors said it was a mystery
now he’s married to a girl named jenny with two kids they weren’t suppose
to have. it’s been ten years since he walked out of there, experts say he
didn’t have a prayer. but that changed one night in room 305 when his memaw
prayed. yea he’s still doing miracles today.

(repeat chorus)
yea, he’s still doing miracles today