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marvell – im on one remix lyrics


[verse 1: double s]
if you think my flows cold
you should have heard me at 18
they were busy doing freestyles
i was good enough for mainstream
but marvell’s got a plan doe
and to complete it believe me it ain’t that easy
and who are all these new n-ggas
why you acting like you ain’t heard the 3 way
the farda is here boy, i went away for nearly a year boy
me, i was in the back of the flats, hat to the back
now i want a bachelor pad, stacked with them plaques
my shows that’s where it’s at, packed to the back
cause i got the best flow & i s-x loads
then i rest but you know i never cuff hoes
cause this industry is so cut throat
that’s why i be on my grind getting nuff dough
did it on our ones, we were up loads
we shoot videos and then we upload
i get fizzy man i don’t need to touch c0ke
i can’t wait till all of my n-ggas touch road

all i care about is money i’m just tryna get me some
other brothers ain’t serious, we do this for fun
if you think i’m going hard well baby i have just begun
and i’m only getting colder, somebody should have told you

i’m on one
f-ck it i’m on one
i said i’m on one
f-ck it i’m on one
i can’t even lie, were like the best crew
soon as you get famous they wanna test you
but this ain’t the group that you wanna step to
if you still wanna hate then i’m like f you
cause i’m on one
f-ck it i’m on one

[verse 2: shocka]
when you was watching tony hawks, i was on my grind still
he can’t show you how this grind feels
where i’m from they don’t ramp, the guy that’s poor has got a 9 mill
his clothes is fake but he defines real
my girl knows i’m on my grind, i ain’t got time to buy stiletto shoes
you’ll understand when we’re living on them high hills
i couldn’t give a f-ck about your bright ideas
because they wasn’t bright enough to pay the light bills
that’s why i’m going hard until my teams on fire
and when my groups hot enough that’s when i might chill
some n-ggas think there hard because there friends are hard
no you’re not, your just close to a g like 9 bills
before reception on your bb
i was coming off that corner with like 3g
we’re gonna be the first group to go america
they’re scared to gamble on it cause they know we’ll win that b.e.t



[verse 3: vertex]
ok, started off with lines of ink
ended up surrounded by the finer things
i’m at the table where them groupies try to pile it in
your nights nearly over while i’m planning when should mine begin
haters at the bar with no more than 5 drinks
they can’t bare us so they buy more cans of heineken
while i’m popping champs like i cross the line to win
plus some wine and gin, they just wine and windge
cause the only time they get hot chicks is with a spicy wing
and they’ve lost to me the girl that they’ve been tryna win
but don’t worry niga, i’ll tell you how it went
i said come with me now baby, there’s no time to think
i’ll bring you to my home, cause i’m inviting you
your like my apple phone, i’ve got my eye on you
i see your tight vest, looking like it’s straining you
so you should undress, let me put that brain to use
cause i be rolling through, like i f-cking wrote the rules
this ain’t youtube, we don’t need your f-cking views
i’m so gone, i’ve got fan mail coming from cameroon
the only time their close is when they make the camera zoom