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massive slavery – shade of corruption lyrics


cheating, abusing, pirating and stealing
nothing simpler than that
it’s the new way to deal business
breaking the law without remorse
ruining the life of a thousand souls

and even without a f-cking regret
you continue to exploit
the naivety of people
raping their trust
with a bunch of fake promises
now people are going insane
trying to build an elusive fortune
with the bankruptcy of their dreams

corrupted society based on the power of money
bashing on the weaker ones
modern crime is the one made
by businessman with a briefcase and a tie

leaving honesty and self respect
behind the shade of torments
with only illusion in their minds
cupidity and hypocrisy
are now ruling our world
forcing people to eat each other

but our anger is now rising
over your infected system
fueled by excessive hatred
consumed with our sweet taste for