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mastamiind – i can’t stop thinking forward lyrics


surrounding me, is my own retreat
is my own, thoughts following me
h-llo, is anyone here?
am i the only one lifted from my feet?
i can’t process it, i keep on stressing
i’d say to save me, but i’ve already fallen [x2]

can’t stop thinking about dark thoughts
it’s all played into part, this play isn’t fun at all
can’t be around people, it’s a lost cause
ever felt, they never liked me, hate em all
i’m living bind, blind to my self, my conscience
pleads itself, let me be by myself
f-ck what they say, i know i need help
when i was a younging, i took pills to help
me focus, that only made me, a lot more
hopeless, i don’t take x, i’ll rather fathom
over o’s, but half of the controls, are outta my control
i just need to vibe, and release, all this bad energy
but it’s like a fueling to me, it takes over
most give froze shoulders, should i loath?
or be peaceful, should i take the risk, or should i leap it?