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mathias kruse – buschemi lyrics


not one of the greats, run in your place
and break tracks under my birth given abundance of weight
your drive is an affair with speed, you’re still in love with the breaks
that lack of motivation grips, and you’ll get crushed till you break
and i’d say my lyrical heater’s heavy
open up my mouth and leave the scene ugly as steve buschemi
even then we eat enemies up with beef in feeding frenzies
crack open their skulls, use em as bowls, and then we leave em empty
cease to tempt me while you can still leave contently
don’t you dare look under my bed, i promise that beast protects me
i’m modest, atleast respect me. not trying to be the best
it’s just that wack rappers are grown daily, we eat em fresh
rlk is like the tribe of the lands
spitting spinach to decalcify your pineal glands
it’s eden in which i progress, i’m now arriving as planned
me seeing you in rap’s like a cook seeing disease in flesh
live by two rules, love everything and be depressed
cynical attributes are the only ones that we possess
i’m on another level, so f-ck yourself and redirect
you as dumb as cops thinking pot smokers need a rec
to blow trees. puffing on varieties of og’s
smoke pouring out of sniper trenches real low key
three bangs from the west hit your skull, see
a life that isn’t yours flash before your eyes slowly