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matt c. – shady 2.0 cypher lyrics


hi, todays my birthday. you know what that means? n-nothing

matt is like, feed a mosquito half and half to bite
a tortured fetus born ingenious is the afterlife
savage type, i grab the mic as i rise to the torches
i’m the child in the orphanage that survived an abortion
insane is just the way my brain is reactin’ to these famous rappers
i came on stage with a trained -ss-ssin and strangled his -ss with a chain and slapped him
mangled his face with a bat as i scr-pped his brains with a stainless hatchet
taking asprin, missile bacardi start the party off
sip until the jar is hardly gone, i got a hardy on from sniffing icarly’s thong
mardi gra at the kindergarten with tarzan, barney, arthurs dog and a barbie doll
call me wrong, sh-t y’all can’t be real, i’ll get your family k!lled with a f-cking plan b pill
(d-mn he ill) face the sh-t, lames on that famous sh-t, i take his dame and rape the b-tch
and shave her legs with razor tips, saying some blatant racist sh-t. laying with your favorite atheist
breaking your place, spraying ak’s. chasing and taking kids, vacating to satan’s crib
breaking legs and taking pics and slit their throats with the same razor ya shave ya faces with
i miss the days when it was tagging trains with spray cans
its 2012 man i’m smacking lames with drakes hand
f-ck that, f-ck rap. sk-nk wh0r-s who f-ck matt get truck smacked with skateboards
for timidness, say i won’t hit a b-tch. i f-ck rihanna up and told police chris did the sh-t
since a kid i was a nightmare, he carried a white bear and hung the tooth fairy from the highchair
you want to shoot me? sh-t, i’m right here
but when you through don’t move me cause i might smear
i strike fear in these week mc’s who be beside the point
because my songs meaner and deeper than brittany griner’s voice
you only rap to get v-g-n-s moist, i find my joy in spitting lines annoyed. leaving guys destroyed
i’m the boy who make em jump like kriss kross say. while you other n-ggas chris bosh g-y
grade a neanderthal huffing spray paint and aerosol. f-ck your mix tape, and the law
you wanna talk like theirs fear involved?
i grab your faceplate and tear it off, now who’s scared of y’all
be prepared to fall and lie on the asphalt as i tie your body and try and pry through your cracked skull
it’s matt dawg. last rapper said matt’s soft, i ate him alive like i was high off bath salts
lyrical -ssault, literal facts dawg. on a crash course crashing actual nascars