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matthew west – moved by mercy lyrics


moved by mercy

she said “i keep having the same dream
close my eyes and i’m chasing a younger me
try to wrap my arms around her
shield her from the h-ll that found her
but i’m always just a little too late
i see the tears falling down her face
how come no one protected
the little girl that the world rejected”
oh, where do you go when you can’t go back
can’t save the past
and she cries in the middle of the night
“take me far away now
from this broken place now
somewhere they can’t hurt me
i wanna be moved by mercy
jesus, i can’t see you
i just know i need you
help me start a new life
let my heart be moved by mercy”
“i used to be a future burning bright
now i’m just another sleepless night”
all the hurt that you hide behind that door
i’m not gonna let it hurt you anymore
“for so long i thought you abandoned me
now i’m starting to see things differently”
i’m the one who began a good work in you
and i’m the one who is gonna see it through
i’ll see you through
for so long i felt so unworthy
but in my arms all your shame is moved by mercy
so here i stand, a child undeserving
take my hand and let your heart be moved by mercy

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