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matty enchilada – enchilxda cypher 2.0 lyrics



[verse 1]
the cannibal hannibal
sperm in your danimals
rapping theatrical
you can see my words through my actions bro
a practical radical
rebelling so tactical
some actual capital rather than this two cents
the magical, oh, wait, so satanical
or satanic, i happen to mess up grammatical
living autobiographical
f-ck it, i can’t read
1690, when slaves were still enslaved by whitey, master mighty
from three k’s to ak’s
and if you’re lucky couple k’s
in your haynes, in your pockets
no more blues in your wallet
i’ll be, be the next king
i’d wait to summer’s eve to spring
to the irish green
celtics for my jeans
got your queen on the screen
transition from queen latifah to gina
who’s the hottest? that enchilada out the oven
you cooking stuffing jive turkey above it
i’m allergic
break out in hives, earl got a million views in a week
i’m weak, i get roughly 100 views when i speak
so say i go mute
would you mute or turn that sh-t up
and try to get every word that i sign
or if you
ignorant think i’m banging that 5
blood between her thighs, then cripple her mind
then spit pyro, fire on dry logs
i bury bodies with my dogs
and get caught with my odds
it’s fairly unfair
i swear
and i go to bed with this prayer