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max b – a city wit no hoes – max b lyrics


[verse 1 – max b]
riding in the cruise lane doing like 35
if i blow trial im doing like 35
im dirty ride pockets is pearly ride
f-ck ya b-tches talking bout, biggavelli certified
hit ya witch that trip and ties touch that to the left
watch you panicking to friendsie, hop up in that benzie
wacth these n-gg-s envy, those so ain’t my yang
make that paper on the daily, b-tches f-ck you really
n-gg- im the boss man don turn ya cops black
frauds shake that n-gg- clap the back boy
might’ve seen me stunting in the couppe for real all my n-gg-s shoot to k!ll
since im the one who took the blue pill
went to see the aura gucci, told me max n-gg- dont you change
f-ck these b-tches stay the same make em watch you pimp the game
and, dont come back, till you took it all up
had to floosh it all up, i done f-cked it all up

got them fifties and kush, got them cases all cleared
i got b-tches i f-ck em everyday in the week
call the clique tho we probably everyday that we meet
city to city we sold c-ke
a n-gg- hot up off that bud pocket full of money
b-tches told me scrub it, not over my tummy/tommy
pop over its nothing now all of the sudden
we living in the city with no hoes

i got these n-gg-s weak, leaning against the rolls
tryna stay alive put that pressure on that c-ke
time to make it rise, we stretching it
charlie gets the best of it, choko gets his 20 cent
chico get the rest of it, look what ima invest in it
dabble c-ke and e’ pill workers taking fees
spray the scrobus f-ck the d’s
they gon have ya in the benz, doing detail scenery
12, and i didn’t check the retail sceet
sh-lls got you b-tches walking on, bare foot
f-cking up your heels, biggaveli got the s-x appeal
that the b-tches love give him gut strokes
make music for the club folks
gun dope, fiend sniff
listen to this mean sh-t