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mb hollow – fallin lyrics


i leave it all in the dark
life is falling apart
count up my blessings
leave ‘em all in the stars
i’ve never been one for praying
for protection
cause i hung that order with a rope, way before i got my sentence
reap all the words i’ve spoke
but you still ain’t got the sentence
reading over every line
and they still ain’t got the message
already pooled the toll
but continue to put your bets in
cause all of my connections
are just profile pictures, in my ig message
people text and i read it
print it out and i shred it
i’ve done and do things
that i’m not proud of
and i still try my best to forget it
but forgetting won’t let it
fix itself and heal
break down my health and rebuild
just wait till all my burdens
and my demons get revealed
all these feelings i’ve concealed
i’m just letting the water drop
tears bleed as they run down, the frost that melts
drown in my desperation
till i’m lost in my imagination
and the only thing i see
is myself
fall down, fall down
never really come down
never really calm down
firing with all round
all the people that guided me are dead, on my own now
the king falls with the kingdom
wearing an old crown
seems i’m on my own now
seems i’m all alone now
everything that i use to know
looking like a ghost town
abandoned and ruined
the rocks and ruin
everything i built up
decimated and extruded
seems i’m on my own now
seems i’m all alone now
the road split apart
and i don’t know where to go now
don’t know where to go now
don’t know where i’ll end up
everything is falling apart
till it all dust

i’m falling, calling for some help
but no one is willing to come again
this heart; i try to often mend
talk; ain’t talkative
i try my best
but bested it, the best then since
i’m searching, without purpose
a pessimist, these demons lurking
upset with how depressed i get
i’m on the edge, of this abyss
i trip, i slip, i fall again
that’s my offense
i’m off the fence
i’m on and off again
stay in my coffin, where i often rest
cause i’m to scared to make my way to the top of the cliff
just to fall again
anxious, always is
there ain’t no pausing it
still i’m looking for an answer to cure my wronged behavior
but as soon as i found myself
i got lost again