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mbo – elevator music lyrics


long night, ay man you rolling that weed up?
i’m bout to fix this beverage
hungover as fuck.!
yo we got a show to do today
hello world!

[verse 1]
young wyl, rebel on a mission
it’s time for his audition, so you know the boys bar’d up
all us, coming from the 610
hit it bro, off the chain? more like outcha stereo
there he go, live show, catch him on -rs-nio
radio city music hall. m-b-o!
headline main event, up in here hella bent
ayo jeff kent balling, second base with ya b-tch kid, im fresh!
go ask your stylist homie
i’m the young boy chilling, posted, rolling up the og
ol’ folk say they know me, but i don’t hear ’em talking
what? i said i don’t hear ’em talking!
uh, boys tell story ’bout the man
4 mixtapes, 20,000 views but its old news fool
i’m the philly representer with a pad and a pencil
got a box for suggestions if you didn’t get the message, uh!

cuz it’s that elevator music
all we do is ride around and get high to it
all we do is ride around and get high to it
cuz it’s that elevator music, cuz it’s that elevator music
cuz it’s that elevator, all we do is ride around and get high!

[verse 2]
flows hot, kylie and kendall
i’m flipping flipping through the benjis
twisting blunts of the endo
my life’s similar to bentleys, palm trees, and mangos
i keep the tempo allegretto
might just tango with a yellow bella, sipping amaretto
i’m a hella mellow fella, uh, rock it acapella
or take a trip to agrigento
it don’t matter lady, baby, uh, tell me how you like it
mike kid got it popping from my headband to my nikes, 2 fresh!
and no you don’t have to love it, catch him out in public
and i’m doing big thing!
your girl hit me up, let that hotline bling, let that hotline bling
yes i’m doing big thing!
and no you don’t have to love it
all the boys saying there go that mane. girls too
what they saying?
look there go that boy, there go that boy, there go that boy
i’m chilling!


fades with curren$y ad libs