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mc frontalot – synonyms lyrics


now who wants to guess what a synonym is?
gimme the ‘xact same answer that the last kid did
but don’t use any of the words that the last kid used
now you’re ‘bout to see what synonyms do!

boys and girls, young ladies and gentlemen
chill, relax, sit back, in fact settle in
these are the words i’ve heard: they’re called synonyms
two terms per definition, minimum

synonyms, synonyms
words that share a definition
synonyms, synonyms
sure to spare us repet-tion

two words or more could explore a definition
find the same meaning, and in addition
yo, specify the very same thing!
so–do you get left wondering
and curious about, and keen to know
how come it always seems to go
that people say the same thing in the same way
time after time, day after day
over and over, repeatedly
when they got all these synonyms that are free to be
employed, applied and utilized
implemented and exercised?

what do we need so many words for, anyway?
wait! don’t escape, run off, or make a getaway
‘cause the more words you got, yo the better you talk
yo the finer your speech, all the easier to unlock
the verbosity, let the rhyme flow
it don’t got to be slow, you can rock on the topic you know
expound on the issue with which you’re familiar
distill your discussion over percussion right up until you’re
done — said your piece, had your say
got off your chest all you wanted to articulate
but hey, what about the next time
when you’re picked out, chosen, selected to rhyme
on the very same subject, identical theme?
are you going to find yourself repeating
and duplicating echoes of the words you said
or are you gonna be giving ‘em some synonyms instead?