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means end – prometheus lyrics


all my ambition draws its strength
from the shadow of a dream
perched up past the clouds
in an august solitude

we are the movers of the earth
life is handed to us, but survival is not
we take the first steps armed with nothing
but our minds and senses
not stopping to ask
who’ll let us shape this world
but who’s going to stop us?

championing humanity, carrying the flame
ne’er living out this life for anyone else
just like you would never ask someone
to live their life for you
the man who speaks of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters
and intends to be the master
we will not subordinate ourselves
to the will of the collective

i do not recognize anybody’s right to one minute of my life, nor to any part of my energy
nor to any achievement of mine
and especially not the conduit that houses the essence of my humanity: my mind

what i have to offer
is the product of ambition, love, fire
far greater than that of a tepid soul
what can you offer me?