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mehdi cee and simon16 – blue opus lyrics


eyo what up jokes
what up
i’m glad to have you on it
been a while haven’t seen you
i been mad catatonic
then it’s time to blast some super sonic
like payton with the chronic
the cat’s out the bag
and he blazing with the thomas
time flies like a lunar comet
or microcomputer’s quantum
gravity bound to the ground
for what
the 2 is solid
like ella and louis
like the feeling that blew me
away the first time you listened
to what you didn’t think was missing
the most zeez’d on underrated
reborn funderstatement
beat p+rn from the pavement
mc’s gone from amazement
how ’bout that!
it’s a party in your ear
you can catch us outside
with bacardi and some beers
so cheers to the alpha omegas of the land
the fakers and the bland
their fate is in the hand
master your surroundings
with some faith in your plans
it’s mehdi cee
and simon 16
play the hook
like peter pan
so where you from son
the city
could you be more precise
where the roads mad sh+tty
and the cops are acting shiest
you still haven’t told me where your rhymes are from
and i’d like to know before i say goodnight i’m done
if you gon’ be like that
i’m a play around a smidgen
where we bang upon the tams
and we have a million kitchens
we’re cooking a million meals for the fast listeners
uncommon rap dissidents
you give up already?
c’mon kenny
what’s the answer?
ain’t too many times nowadays giving you the standard
aight aight, i’m a stop
time to represent the block
time to represent the place
that mold mehdi from a rock
the 5 rose flour boys
the two dopest with the blue opus
semi paranoid
rhyme like many asteroids
raps overpowering
collab with mike b
from the d
sound travelling

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