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melanie fiona – sad songs lyrics


“sad songs”

doo do doo doo (oooh yeah) [3x]
(sad songs, are the best songs oh yeah)
(oooh yea yea yea yeah)

[verse 1:]
i know there’s love waiting on the of top a hill,
when i get there i hope it’s not to late to reveal,
this broken heart of mine it seem it ran out of time …
loving you, loving me
it’s not the way it’s supposed to be but you’ll regret it!
you wanna bet it!
setting this golden goose free!

my love, where did we go wrong?
i wonder who’s in your arms?
especially because you did me wrong.
you know sad songs are the best songs
you don’t have to wonder how it’s gonna end.
(doo do doo doo)

[verse 2:]
gave back my key because you seem to have so many.
did you know this, the wrong one was given to me…
with the initials “l.m.”
is that who you are seeing and,
loving her, leaving me?
it’s not the way it’s supposed to be!
but you’ll regret it!
you’ll be upset when the next man is loving me!


no one to cry on
i can begin at the end of this song
still i remain strong
keeping interest ’til something is gone
what did i do lord to deserve to be alone?
thought i had a love to strong so long,
but you always gotta prove me wrong
you that sad songs you know are the best songs
and i don’t have to wonder how it’s gonna end




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