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mercifuljay – at a glance lyrics


[verse 1: mercifuljay]
hustling everyday
looking for a easier way to live
scheming to just get by
ashamed of the things i did
i got to the point of live or die
i’d do anything to survive
but starving i could have died
living my life second none
my whole life i’ve thought of everyone
but this time in my life i was number one
i was alone with nothing to loose
the noose is only for the weak
late nights not being able to sleep
anger, frustration and adrenaline kept me focused on my target
didn’t know what i got myself into
couldn’t understand how this started
i was scared at first and held back like a recluse
felt like i had no use or purpose
but truth is i had a fresh start
and i set the rules
rebuilding my life from a sh-ll
taking risks to get out this h-ll
i done it all for one person but myself
who i can’t tell
but when i can
i hope my son understands
cause i got no blood on my hands

[verse 2: mercifuljay]
you might get told growing up
i didn’t care for you
i did it for a better stance
but why should i hang around
when your mother had other plans
she didn’t even give me a chance
it was like a few weeks for her to start a new romance
so you can’t blame me
she was my wife to be
so when am here looking at glance and thank god
that am here because you’ll need me
like i need you
i know this was the right thing to do
because i want you to never forget that i may be far away
but am always here for you
no matter what am doing
i’m doing it for you
because your my son