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merkules – bad and boujee remix (migos & lil uzi vert) lyrics


stompdown k!llaz, motherf-cker
new alb-m coming soon

(verse 1)
nahh, i ain’t cookin’ dope in a crack pot but i might split them down the middle like pom pom, dawgie i’m the don one, prolly wearin’ shoen john, drive by and shoot you in your rib, that’s a hot bar
all these rappers always flexin’ in a gram til i show up at their show with a weapon in my hands and i’m lettin’ it go blam, leave ’em right there where they stand, park the he-rs- out side, tell the reverend in advance
i’m the motherf-ckin’ man now, i don’t get on stage for at least three grands now, yeah.. there are for the handouts, see me on your tv like