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meshuggah – lethargica [toronto] lyrics


the void clenches its determined jaws
a lethargic, careless motion to k!ll
monstrous, prodigious, indifferent
slow and deliberate, its torturous sk!lls
its molars grind and shatter
onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
unhurried in its deadly intent
the undoer of all, dense and inert
its design perfected through aeon’s
pure, immaculate, clean, omnicidal god machine
calm, precise ambition
untroubled by the roar of unending screams
the droning blare of absolute doom
the down pitched moan of collapsing dreams
composed, cold, unconditional
uncompromising till all is dead
extinction, ruin, its malicious cause
till the last exhalation of human breath