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metallica – ride the lightning lyrics


“ride the lightning”

guilty as charged
but d-mn it, it ain’t right
there is someone else controlling me
death in the air
strapped in the electric chair
this can’t be happening to me
who made you god to say
“i’ll take your life from you!”

flash before my eyes
now it’s time to die
burning in my brain
i can feel the flames

wait for the sign
to flick the switch of death
it’s the beginning of the end
sweat, chilling cold
as i watch death unfold
consciousness my only friend
my fingers grip with fear
what i am doing here?


someone help me
oh please god help me
they are trying to take it all away
i don’t want to die
time moving slowly
the minutes seem like hours
the final curtain call i see
how true is this?
just get it over with
if this is true, just let it be
wakened by the horrid scream
freed from the frightening dream