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method man & redman – da pixie rap lyrics


we’re pixies!

we’re pixies, we’re pixies
check out our mad wicked mix+ies
we’ve got square heads, big pointy caps
clean out your ears and hear my rap
yo hp (yo!)
you’re in charge
i may be small but my goals are large
i’m not a hater but i must cater
to my mission my ambition to be administrator
i’m staying the sun i’m anti+fun
and all those fairies can bite my bun
well, my boss hp who gonna be
the big time rulers
you got that g

we’re pixies, we’re pixies
and since the 1960’s
we raised that clown to be our tool
to beat the fairies so we can rule

we’re pixies, we’re pixies
it’s going south we predict+xies
we can’t stop now, the time is near
where fairy world and this world here
are ruled by us (by us you hear!)
by us you hear!
by pixies! by pixies!
we’re pixies!
strong like bill bixby

we’re pixies!
we’re pixies!
we’re pixies!
just pixies!