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metro bandz® – 2679 lyrics


past two am to three am
for the raps one time
thank you for listening
i go by the name of metro bandz
i represent a gang called phly x dank, ishuu


millennial my melanin popping a lot
i don’t do battles i let your demons deal with your heart
coz i’ve been let down too many times
too many lies, too many wrongs they couldn’t write
had a bad light that they put up but i put it out
got a lot to share i only hope that you can hear me out
got a lot to give but that’s just how my mother raised me up
zero pots to p-ss in even if you try to stress me out
i’m cut from a different cloth
zero f-cks to give at all
i’m focussed on myself and the girl i told my mom about
broke up and got it fixed – gotta get a ring and get it done
hitch hike from the bad times to the good times straight to the vows
gotta make bank
hit the bank dance
that schmoney dance, comprendes
slay queens go around like that wind mill
vitamin d
let a man be
let a man eat
but you gotta let that lady
get a piece of that bank note if she wants to
coz it is what it is
better make sure you turn a blind eye on that sh-t
residency in the south
built a house out in the south
but i hustle in the north
all my trips are back and forth
in the traffic i’m annoyed
twenty six man i’m a boy
twenty six seventy nine
well that is my grannies house
yeah she raised me a bit and she raised me up quick
she taught me to be a man that my father never could be
i think i saw her last week
told her i’m fighting my sleep
she told me give me your hand
then she gave it a kiss
she said this life thing is a test – when it’s a mess – you get depressed, to be the best
sometimes you hardly get to rest
but in the meantime, everyone acting baby all of a sudden
is it me or everyone rocking diapers all of a sudden
coz i hardly get the memo but i’m working on my demo
i hope to get it to you, maybe from you to your friend
then it’s a cycle of heading the message
cycle of healing the m-sses
cycle of feeling the best, i’m feeling myself
could give a f-ck about what radio plays
thought i was clear enough on radio daze
getting a hang of this pace
chit chat, i did that, i got the t-shirt
big man i’ve been broke just like a kit kat
i’ll have a small chat for like a big stack and that’s a big fact
i make a quick call to get the weed bag
i talk a lot but i prove a lot
you can ask anybody that knows me i move a lot
i find pleasure in going off giving food for thought
i’ve got a lane and a gravy train let me move along
i’ve got a feeling; they have a ceiling with roof and all
sounding like you and all
looking all uniform, me i’m a unicorn
sky is where i belong
sun kissed on long lists are women we’re finding ourselves in company of
their whole criteria tall, dark and handsome
i’m trying the least, they’re trying the most to get some
i shuffle the list like rebecca, lauretta, imelda
my mind is all over the place but we keep it together
distractions, temptations i handle like no
my eyes’ on the cheese, my eyes’ on the cheddar
bye bye to felicia, the image you tarnish
i’m hard to be pleased according to you
my minds filled with peace i’m over the moon
i’m all for the tune
i’m all for the tune
all for the , all for the tune
all for the, all for the tune

2019 to infinity