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micenvy – my new love lyrics


your my new love and my only love, getting hurt is something i’m sick of, but that pain is something you dispose of, to lily your the girl i always speak of, if i’m serious your the girl iv’e always dreamed of, your the only girl i think the world of

your like my angel from above, this feelings a lot more than just puppy love, with you iv’e fallen in love, your love is something i never want to get rid of, your the girl i want to get a hold of
iv’e only known you for three days, but my love for you is something i’ll praise, when i’m with you my heart starts to race, your like something i get lost in your like a maze, i can say i love you in so many different ways

when we cuddle i smile, i want to ask you out again but i’ll wait a while, guys should be lining up to you in single file, for you i’d walk a mile, your the total opposite to the world vile

i remember the first time you held my hand, my love for you is something i wish you could understand, the love is something that will carry on to expand, i’d carry you 100 miles just to get you to dry land, in my head your my music stand, i’ll take you to the beach so we can enjoy the blue sea and white sand, my love for you is something that was unplanned

i thank lily for bringing you to the shop, when i saw you my heart came to a full stop, but then it carried on growing like a farmers crop, your the girl i would never swap, for anything or anyone when i met you my heart felt like it did a home run, i thought something perfect has just begun