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michael barrow & the tourists – the watchman lyrics


from the top of my tower
i can see our city spread below
the sun sets on the rooftops
of the place i call home

and a charge comes with a call
from an unknown voice that only speaks to me
it whispers to my mind the unspoken words:
“tell them what you see.”

i see light
i see life
i see love

as the city sleeps beneath my watch
i find myself alone
and my heart sinks within me
as the night turns cold

a figure dressed in red raises up a sword
as his army storms the grounds
the voice comes back to ask me
“what do you see now?”

i see pain
i see fire
and i see blood
there’s no light
there’s no life
and there’s no love

the rising tall, the final stand
on my lips a call, and a trumpet in my hand
when it sounds, the time has come
i’ll stand watch, but i’ll plead with you to run
oh, i plead with you to run

as the dust begins to settle
and the smoke has cleared
all that i can see from the top of my tower
is a shadow of what our city used to be

but in my soul, there’s a hope and a comfort
from a voice i can’t ignore
of this city, i’m the watchman
and i know that there’s war

a new light
a new life
a new love