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mickz – optimistic lyrics


mind stays optimistic
don’t blink you missed it
vision’s on unrealistic
your words sound sophistic
me, i enjoy the drama blud i’m eristic
they all crave simplistic
i crave music naturalistic
i only wanna listen to real linguistics
i see them rise then fall living life like ballistics
i don’t wanna risk it
mind’s on optimistic
you blinked i missed it
‘cuz you never really played games with my heart you just ripped it
now i got holes; feel holistic
i see ‘em set goals; i just live it
guys wanna know, my logistics
my sonic’s on the top and they’re hurt ‘cuz their sound’s inartistic

devil’s in the detail i’m a satanic
when i’m round females i just cause panic
i don’t wanna derail but i flow manic
if you ever set sail you would t-tanic
never miss a snake’s tail view’s panoramic
tryna get a rise, i control the dynamics

(yeh) i control the game just saying
always been the same
heard me as a kid said i’m lame
oh, what a shame
now i’m putting claim to the name
‘n guys wanna tell me that it’s changed
nah it’s all the same man i don’t wanna worry you again ‘cuz i know u
your getting scared of my aim
man i don’t wanna scare them again, so i
cut ends i watch friends descend
see masks fall i clock who’s pretend
still shake hands but no love extends
they stay blind yet still search for sense
all chase highs and run from suspense
don’t face life then don’t feel content
see it in their eyes man i can’t pretend, they just live lies
but if i ever said i wasn’t jealous of the ignorance they have, i’d be lying
sometimes my effort doesn’t show, but i’m trying
i don’t want a smile on your face, what are you hiding?
never be ashamed of the wounds underlying
tell me how you feel, are you good are you crying?
tell me if i’m wrong, tell me if i’m falsifying
words shouldn’t hurt, but tell me why they dying
no more sense in the world it’s terrifying