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mika lion – tailgate lyrics


it was love at first heartbreak
i think of all the friends i know
you two timing snake you know

you’re a redneck heartbreak at the factory of the cheesecake
so you wanna break off a piece of me
yeah i see way
yeah my bathroom escape
am i too young to catch a break

i love myself
i hate your old pickup truck
take a risk on a fake
cause it’s not to late
but don’t bring that truck round here
i dropped the tailgate
i want some miles on your new ford escape

and your momma told me that you ran away

don’t come back later


i loved you at first heartbreak
i think of all the friends that i’ve known
you two timing snake

your my first redneck heartbreak (heartbreak)
don’t bring that truck around here
you know dropping that tailgate (tailgate)

you can’t even do me right
talking bout i got corona’s on sight
you talk about let’s pop a bottle
get it alright

but you cooking that chicken with salt and pepper seasoning
you can’t even add the lawry’s on the side
then you talkin bout
let’s put it with the fries
oh, no
my momma taught me better though
i’m not going back that areto

i trusted you with everything you do
you told me that that rolex is really what you do
i don’t want it
take that fish
that’s what you really wanna do

cause this is my first redneck heartbreak (heartbreak)
i don’t wanna see your face on this earth
you taught me how to bait my own
that’s how you ride me
but now i‘m really tryna get it
i’m not your trout fish
you can’t bait me no mo’
now get that tailgate
lift it up and go to war
say don’t bring it round this complex no more
take it to the dirt road