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mike – poseidon lyrics


[verse 1]
life like a trainwreck you gotta pay the (?)
soon as one entrance closes i’m headed for another door
can’t see my brother poor
why would i get a day job, i could jugg for more
call me at the deli but we off to the other store
wiping these years away, writing a better day
while i’m here prepared to play
i need semantic days to stray into a different place
put on binoculars, most of these n-ggas’ views are fake
uber ridin’ round this inner city, laughin’ as he’s switchin’ lanes
n-ggas always heading for the hoop but never hit the paint
how you supposed to lead a pack of troops when your vision bland?
promise papa i’mma hit the bank eventually
and you know the liquor stank is smelling like a hennessey

[verse 2]
falling out the clouds, feeling like a lightning bolt
my homies held me down when i was trippin’ off the todorov
n-gga, i’m poseidon and my trident gold
control the waves and you ride the boat
i’m from the different side, a n-gga can’t comply with those folks
you need heat for your rise, you can’t rely on the dough
i sip and let my consciousness flow
this ain’t jehova witness but we knockin’ your door
peas in a pod, n-gga, trust me, that’s a powerful abode
the boy drip like the snot out my nose
loose keys leave a pop in my coat
writing bars, you think i’m jotting my notes
got guards in the yard making sure that my coffin is closed
rasp voice because it’s harder to blow
i treat these problems like paper
man these hands cause the drama to fold
i need the ice on my head til my yarmulke froze
we recorded on our phones when the monitor broke
we need bread, we gon’ get it one way or another
i see n-ggas throwin’ shade on my brother
play the son, if i’m in the city play slums
if i’m in the…