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mike oldfield – drunk hornpipe lyrics


the hallway. from the outside an ordinary house.
a great house, true. 483 rooms, each one with its own
marble wash b-ssin and douche.
bidet as it may.
but inside … and the positions are reversed.
a human failing,
some say a disease, but a disease that sir francis
dashwood knew and used well.
upstairs, inside and a revelation, it’s a discotheque.
no, no, err … there are paintings … real …
and look here! a rare 17th century masterpiece.
and if i can scr-pe a little of it of, beneath i can find
hidden … a 14th century underpiece.
made entirely of tiny pieces of eggsh-ll.
this lurid work has caused controvesary in the world of
embroidery and anthropology.
no, i’ll say it again; anthropolopology. no quite
possibly making anthropole. no, i mean an epilog …
it has enthralled distinguished professors and in laymans
language, it’s blinking well buffling,
but to be more obtusely; b-gg-red if i know. yes,
b-gg-red if i know.
and that’s all we’ve been so far. from experts in 14th
century painting renaissance greengrocers,
and recently revived members of the public.
b-gg-red if i know. vivian stanshall, about 3 o’clock in
the morning, oxfordshire 1973.